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Caitlin is working to establish more opportunities for women and young people, and to help ensure that they grow up in a safe and positive environment. At 19, she founded World Vision’s youth organisation VGen ACT and co-founded the Peshawar School for Peace, which encourages peace-building and provides education and gender-inclusive career opportunities for 300 women and girls.

Caitlin has spoken widely to Government and at the United Nations about bullying and ending violence on children, and organised the world’s largest Girls Takeover Program with the Australian Federal Parliament to increase female representation and leadership. As a Plan International Youth Ambassador, she also assisted the Unilever Period Emoji campaign against period stigma which reached 160 million people.

In 2016, Caitlin became the CEO of Lake Nite Learning, a social enterprise specialising in upskilling young people to enter employment and become community leaders. Caitlin now wants to develop a free self-defence studio to empower women physically and psychologically through self-defence training and leadership workshops.

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