After completing a journalism degree and working in the media industry for two years, Dan Shandler's passion for education handed him an opportunity too good to turn down and henceforth, the birth of Elephant Ed.

Elephant Ed exists to transform the way sex education is taught in schools across Australia.

The 100% youth-led company facilitates progressive, inclusive and dynamic sex education workshops for students in years 6 - 12.

The workshop content is not only aligned with the national curriculum but also is modern and relevant to students in today's times.

Dan has been working on Elephant Ed since late 2014 before it turned into his full time job at the beginning of 2018. A long work in progress, Elephant Ed now has a team of presenters as well as an advisory board made up of EPIC people to help guide the company.

Over the course of his career, Dan has plenty of public speaking experience about several of his passions. Co-founding an NFP called Flying Fox, a charity who provide opportunities for people with a disability, Dan was instrumental in speaking to students, potential investors and parents to help the NFP off the ground. Thereafter Dan traveled across Victoria for nearly 12 months to speak to students, staff and parents about different study skills techniques. Dan has also sat on several panels to discuss a range of different topics.

Dan's biggest strength would be his flexibility in his ability to talk about a range of topics while his biggest weakness would be his inability to say no.

Previous Speaking Engagements


2015 - Facilitating for the entire Flying Fox team in 'What makes a good public speaker'.

2015 - Traveled to schools to speak to entire year levels and staff cohorts about opportunities to involve themselves with Flying Fox.

2016 - Traveled to schools to speak to crowds upward of 150 people on a weekly basis to teach about study skills techniques.

2017 - Facilitated Elephant Ed workshops for classes ranging from 20 to 70 students.

2017 - Member of a panel at Bialik College speaking about Entrepreneurship.