Storytelling training

Being able to tell a good story that is engaging, impactful and powerful is something that takes lots of practice but luckily there are people are there who are super good at this - and we have them to help you out! When it comes to telling stories we have the best trainers around, those who have been trained by world class organisations including The BBC and Education Changemakers. These workshops focus on:

  • The power of a good story
  • The structure of a great story
  • How to build your story for your desired audience
  • Tricks of the trade - how do you keep your audience engaged
  • Leaving an impact on the audience

These workshops can range from 90minutes to a full day and can be designed to meet your organisations aims. Be EPIC also runs monthly storytelling training on a Saturday to those individuals who want to learn outside of a school or company setting. 



public speaking training

There is so much more to public speaking than being able to give a good speech. Communicating ideas effectively throughout life is 100% easier to do when you are a great public speaker. Don't worry, everyone who is a great public speaker was a beginner once too - and we want to help you to get your skills in order. These workshops are run by seasoned public speakers and by epic people who are used to talking about a variety of things in a number of different settings. These workshops focus on:

  • Building confidence
  • Skills to craft the perfect speech
  • Creating and delivering an elevator pitch
  • How to actually give a well structured speech
  • Communicating ideas effectively 

These workshops start at 90 minutes in length but can be delivered for up to a full days worth of work. The team from Be EPIC also runs a general Public Speaking Training session once a month on a Wednesday night for those who want to see what it's all about.